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Hey sexy! I am MONA RATHORE from Mumbai. I am a student of 4th year and also work as private escorts in night. Mumbai escort service and Mumbai independent escort service are almost the same, but they work differently. I am an independent working escort and am little different from Mumbai escort service. I need money to maintain my daily expenses and keep myself up in front of my friends. Independent escorts provide you that immense pleasure and passionate love which you can only imagine to get. I can be your date to night and provide you my company, and can make you feel on top of the world. You will feel great and forget all your worries and pain. As you see I am a college student, so I need to keep my identity classified and so I can’t show you my real pictures and so they are made blurred. I choose to work independently because I found a lot of customers getting attracted towards my sexy figure and they have got addicted of me. They just could not forget me. As I am a college girl I need to keep myself in good shape and size. And so I need a lot of money. I must tell you that I am only a VIP MUMBAI escort and my demands are high. So if you are looking for cheap and average girls to just get your work done then I am sorry you are at the wrong place. I am a high rated independent escort girl so don’t worry about your money getting wasted. You will just fall into love seeing my figure and my sexy ass. I have a great fantasy to get my ass fucked. I understand what men want and always prefer to keep the lights on, so that you can see my figure, my curves and my boobs peeping out of my lingerie. i have all gone through the kama-sutra book and presume the capacity to try every poses. I am a very good expert at giving blowjobs. You will never forget me and with me you will never need to imagine your wife or girlfriend.


I am Mona Rathore basically from Calcutta. In came here in Mumbai to make an entry into the Bollywood Industry but destiny had something else in store for me. From joining a small modeling company to becoming an independent female escort has taken a very short period of time. But in this phase change of my life I never looked back nor did I regret getting in this dirty world of sex and money. Rather I have started enjoying my life. I am 22 years a 4th year student with assets size 34-27-36 and I possess a height of 5’6’’. If you are looking for someone to be your date or spend a small tour overseas then I am your perfect choice. I have travelled with a few businessmen on their office tours as their wives or girlfriends. As I am well educated I get preference over the other escorts. I love travelling to beaches and party all night, making new friends and exploring the height of love and sex within myself. In this magnificent and enormously dense city, I can be your perfect reason to stay here. I have a good sense of humor and I am very playful girl. You will love my company and I assure you complete satisfaction both on bed and off bed. Escort does not mean someone, to only provide sexual service. An escort is one who makes you feel relaxed and eases pressure off you for a while. You will feel yourself diving deep inside the world of love and extreme pleasure. Yours moans and sensual sensation will be loud and louder. You will feel the same feeling you felt when you went intimate for the first time. If you have never felt this sensational feeling then what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and fix an evening with me and that will be the best evening of your life. You will be justify over imagining of what just happened, but you will not have words to describe those moments. I am not so easy to forget and that will be justified. The feeling of rolling my fingers and lips on your private part will make you have Goosebumps. I am sure your eyes are closed by now and you must have moved your hands down to give it a little bit of work. Don’t we want to enjoy this thrill and excitement with me? if yes be fast and contact me. I am willing to provide you with passionate and erotic sensual pleasure. My looks will make you wild and enlighten your face. You will feel more energetic and extra powered. I am sure you will love me till the end of your last drop. I am eager to feel the taste of your love and your animal.  As I told you earlier that I have a strong gesture towards sucking the cock and I love to make my clients moan while sucking their balls and cock. Guys I tell you that all the fantasy and different type of poses and positions you have watched in porn movies are loved by me too. I always express my feeling to my customers to get me nailed same as sunny leone or any other porn star gets themselves laid. When it comes to having sex we all have our own choice, of type of girl and the wildness while we are on bed. You might have got bored of your wife or your neighbor girl. Try an independent escort girl and you will get something new and extraordinary to try.


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